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YouLoader HD Edition is our latest system for video junkies who love YouTube. Have you ever wanted to load multiple videos on your site or even wow your clients? Now you can with YouLoader. YouLoader allows you to skip the clutter or long load times that would occur with many videos loading at the same time.

With YouLoader you can join the new wave of technology taking over the world-wide-web. This simple script can store multiple YouTube videos that load directly to your page one at a time right from the YouTube web site. All of your videos are selectable via a drop down menu on your own web page that is as easy to operate as a click of your mouse.

YouLoader was built with webmasters in mind, we understand the details and thought process that go into designing a user friendly system, one you will enjoy using. In this demanding business climate you need something that is fast, easy to use and reliable to keep up with the needs of your clients and the vision of your creativity. The YouLoader admin lists each video by sort number, this means you can resort your vids at any time and have the vids you want where you want, plus your not limited you can even disable vids from public viewing, yet still have them available to you from our easy to use system admin, You can instantly see the status of each clip thus selecting the videos you want loaded is easy and organized.

Adding a video clip is even easier, just past the full YouTube embed code directly into the admin, click the Add Video button and our system does the rest.

You can buy the YouLoader HD Edition script now at a ultra low introductory price. Right now we will be offering you this great script for just $10.00

Features At A Glance:

Add clips on the fly directly from the YouTube web site via the standard embed code.
Delete any clip from the DB
Disable any clip at any time, this removes the clip from the list not from the admin.
Preview any one of your clips directly from the admin with a single mouse click
Preview the player itself directly from the admin
Change the view count and or reset it back to 0 if needed
Disable the ability for others to edit clip data who may use the admin.
Disable admin delete capability
Option to show your own splash screen or logo on first view.

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